Fastest in Sweden so far this year

Fastest in Sweden this year.

Timo Barosso made a big impression when he won the final elimination for the Breeders Course 2 years old. The victory time of 1.14.3 is the fastest 2-year-old time in Sweden so far this year.

– The 2-year-olds run very fast, but they are also well-schooled, driver Örjan Kihlström praised.

And the race was a bit jerky because Kihlström had some thoughts about the opposition:

– I saw Mattias Djuse's horse [Frustration] last time. It was nice and very fast, so I understood that I couldn't beat him on speed but had to make sure to keep up the pace, Kihlström said about the winning horse och tactics.

Timo Barosso started his career in Holland (owned and bred by Ronald Nooteboom), did an early qualifying race for Hugo Langeweg before joining Timo Nurmos in the middle of the summer. He debuted by galloping in the battle for victory in a race at Örebro, but now it was calm and stable.

– 1.14,3 are strong papers, but there will be more fine horses for the final, Kihlström said a little cautiously.

Frustration held strong to second place ahead of Fredrik Wallin's Vilda Tilde

This means that the following twelve have qualified for the final at Jägersro on September 28 with SEK 700,000 for the winner. Definite final field coming in the next few days.

Ester Degli Dei, Paul Hagoort

Eminem Font, Magnus Dahlén

Fiftyfour, Tomas Malmqvist

Tino Barosso, Timo Nurmos

Nirvana Newport, Paul Hagoort

Loveletter In, Per Nordström

Novato, Dion Tesselaar

Frustration, Mattias Djuse

Fiddle Faddle, Anders Zackrisson

Huron Bridge, Svante Båth

Nelson Greenwood, Erwin Bot

Vilda Tilde, Fredrik Wallin