Exciting first elimination

Denmark's most exciting 3-year-old makes annual debut in the season's first Breeders Course elimination at Danish Charlottenlund on April 1st. It is about Dontpaytheferryman, trained by the successful amateur Peter Rudbeck in Skive, who after sex starts as a two-year-old is still undefeated. Dontpaytheferryman ran 15.5 as two-year-old and earned almost half a million DKR and now he is ready to start the 3-year season. As usual, Birger Jörgensen is driving.

Jägersros Joakim Lövgren sends over Rothschild who made two starts as a two-year-old and showed great speed, now the Danish championdriver Steen Juul in the wagon.

Tomas Malmqvist is a famous name in Breeders Course, he often starts his horses in the series and has also won finals.

Now he starts both Feeling Way and Teton Lindyman and it’s interesting that both horses have completed their annual debut. Feeling Way is run by Christoffer Eriksson, driver of the year in Sweden in 2017, while Teton Lindyman is run by Kasper K Andersen, former apprentice at Malmqvist.

The fifth horse is an interesting German guest; Northern Charm, trained by Christian Lindhardt. Northern Charm was an early talent and debuted at 1.14.9. He then made a long trip to Örebro, where he galloped away in Svampen. Northern Charm is bred on Lasbek and is owned by Günter Herz - the German big horse owner who won the Elitloppet with Brioni.

Entries 2 100 meters

1 Dontpaytheferryman, Birger Jörgensen

2 Rothschild, Steen Juul

3 Feeling Way, Christoffer Eriksson

4 Teton Lindyman, Kasper K Andersen

5 Northern Charm, Christian Lindhardt