Dutch victory in Breeders Coursefinal

It became Dutch victory in the final of Breeders Course.

Avalon Mists, driven by Robin Bakker and trained by Paul Hagoort, finished fastest of all and captured leading Smokin Joe short before goal.

– We got a perfect race and she did a very nice bet, celebrated Bakker after the race.

Avalon Mists, a daughter of Pastor Stephen, was well placed second in second lane, attacked out of the final turn and decided safely.

Smokin Joe (Lutfi Kolgjini) got work to reach the lead, sat there after 500 meters and the tough opening was enough in the legs the last bit.

– I felt early that he was not on top, but I was driving for a while to reach the lead too.

Filur Sisu (Per Nordström) took care of the lead in the first curve, then released to Smokin Joe and got the chance 300 meters from goal but could never get past the leader.

Irish Boko galloped with a fourth place within reach, the fourth place was now taken by Funky who went first in second row all the way.

The winning time for Avalon Mists was 14.0.