Dramatic elimination at Jägersro

Jägersro trainer Per Nordström has great success with his young horses. Now he won the second elimination race for Breeders Course 2 years old 2020 with Good Vibes.
- It’s a very nice horse and he will be even better for the final, Per said after an easy win.
A situation after 600 meters decided the race. Adrian Kolgjini advanced with the giant favorite Aquarius Face but Per chose to answer.
- I had to answer there, otherwise Adrian would have had "a walk in the park," said Per and continued:
- When Adrian then tried to go down in the back of my horse, he touched my sulky wheel.
In that situation, the inexperienced talent galloped and that day was ruined for Kolgjini.
But Good Vibes showed talent, connected a secure grip and won on a nice on 14.5/1640 meters with a little strength left.
- Now we will go home and sharpen the form before the final, it will be really fun to drive him in the final at Jägersro (September 30).
You have not forgotten that Per won the second final for the 3-year-olds with Önas Prince and has had a brilliant season so far.
- I have built a new facility exactly according to my training philosophy and I am very happy, Per explained all the great successes he had during the season.
Behind Good Vibes, it was also dramatic. Lexington Yoda was on its way to second place, but galloped 20 meters from the finishline and thus missed the final. Instead, it was Tomas Malmqvist's Icelander (driver Ken Ecce) who reached second place.