Dion Tesselar's best evening as a trainer?

Dion Tesselaar starts the favorite Gio Cash in the Breeders Course 3 years old 2022 second final with SEK 800 000 in first prize and Officer Stephen in Hugo Åbergs Memorial with SEK 1 609 000 to the winner.

But forget that luxury life, on Monday evening he got into the horse-drawn carriage at home in Holland to drive himself to Jägersro.

- I am the best "driver", he said and laughed.

Dion Tesselaar drives to Malmö with joy, it is a journey to something very special.

– It is with pride that I go to Jägersro. Sure, it's fun to win races even on smaller tracks at home in Holland, but it's in these races that we want to be part of. That is why we work as hard as possible to succeed.

And it's not about the money.

- No, it's the feeling of being able to participate and compete with the very best.

Dion Tesselaar has won over 1000 races, he has produced several top horses but the question is whether he had two such stars as Gio Cash and Officer Stephen.

– Officer Stephen is probably the best horse I've had, then he's also special to me because I like him very much.

But maybe Gio Cash will be even better.

- You never know, but Gio Cash is better as a 3-year-old than Officer Stephen was.

Gio Cash came to Dion Tesselaar as a 1-year-old, he has shaped an early and fast horse. He debuted with victory at home at Victoria Park in Wolvega and then won the Breeders Course two-year-old final in 13.1 in the second start of his life - a rainy autumn day.

– He did an incredible race then, then of course the track was fantastic despite the rain. Everything about the trot in Sweden is truly top class.

Now he is the favorite in the final of the Breeders Course with Gio Cash, who won the elimination race in 10.9 and thus touching Going Kronos’s track record.

– Gio Cash is one of the most talented horses I have trained. He is quick from start and I hope to take the lead and then he should be able to run even a bit faster, but he can go from all positions.

Although Gio Cash is only three years old and not very experienced, the long journey is not something that worries Dion Tesselaar.

– No, he is usually completely calm.

Then Dion Tesselaar has the stable's star Officer Stephen in Hugo Åberg's Memorial.

– From track ten, of course, we have to have a lot of luck, but I have a horse in good shape and it's fantastic fun just to be able to participate.

Entries, Breeders Course 1640 meters

1 Monastery Boko, Robin Bakker

2 Marinho Boko, Örjan Kihlström

3 Urban Africa, Jim Oscarsson

4 Gio Cash, Dion Tesselaar

5 Don't Say Gar, Alessandro Gocciadoro

6 Pure Fortune, Erik Adielsson

7 Barack Face, Adrian Kolgjini

8 Jimbaran Zon, Marc Elias

9 Bismillah Face, Rick Ebbinge

10 Pearl Vrijthout, Björn Goop