Can anyone defeat Zelig Kronos?

Can anyone defeat Zelig Kronos?

Two elimination wins for the second Breeders Course Finale and the last time so impressive that a so skilled driver like Wim Paal was impressed after the race.

Now Zelig Kronos was drawn to an idealist second track behind the gate and Paal can choose the tactical set-up.

Innovation Love took an impressive victory in Wolvega and Robin Bakker can now expect the lead and we can expect a nice duel.

Zipper Kronos qualified for the final at the beginning of June at the Milan elimination beaten by Zelig Kronos, but given that it's almost two months ago, there is a lot of time to improve with so young horses.

"It was a fantastic finale," says Mats Ahlkvist, racing manager at Jägerso in a comment. There are a number of talents that can be something extra and probably it takes a really cool time to win the race.

The final runs over 1609 meters with 600,000 kronor to the winner.


  1. Global Wildlife, Björn Goop
  2. Zelig Kronos, Wim Paal
  3. Innovation Love, Robin Bakker
  4. Holy Water, Christoffer Eriksson
  5. Zeus Bi, Erik Adielsson
  6. Rotschild, Joakim Lövgren
  7. Tartaurus Face, Lutfi Kolgjini
  8. Intake, Jörgen S Eriksson
  9. Zahra Mil, Örjan Kihlström
  10. Zipper Kronos, Alessandro Gocciadoro