Busy week in Breeders Course

This week, the last final places for the 2-year-olds in the Breeders Course will be distributed.

After Tuesday's elimination race at Solvalla, we can look forward to the elimination at Åby with eight horses behind the gate and elimination at Dutch Victoria Park in Wolvega where all seven horses are registered for the Breeders Course.

At Åby, Taste of Diamonds, registered for the Breexers Course, makes an interesting start. Undefeated after victories in Berlin and Charlottenlund. Sören Norberg, on of a young talent specialist and who has already qualified Philosopher for the final at Jägersro, it's a tough challenger with A Good Point, third in the Derby Day Race at Jägersro in early september.

Sanderson, trained by Per Nordström, showed great speed in his debut at Solvalla.

At Wolvega it's toptrainers Dion Tesselaar and Paul Hagoort who dominate with three horses each, Erwin Bot then supplements the race.


Why not Kuyt F Boko, trained by Hagoort, who debuted with a victory of 1.14,8.

Entries, Åby Wednesday, 1640 meters

1 Cena, Kim Eriksson

2 Custom Carrera, Peter Untersteiner

3 Taste of Diamond, Kevin Oscarsson

4 A Good Point, Kevin Oscarsson

5 Kailua Boko, Patrik Nygren

6 Custom Cheval, Carl–Johan Jepson

7 Sanderson, Per Nordström

8 Irma's Cash, Christoffer Eriksson

Entries, Wolvega, Friday, 1609 meter

1 Because You Love Me, Erwin Bot

2 Natorp Bo, Jaap van Rijn

3 Ka Ching Bros, Jeffrey Mieras

4 Kilimanjaro, Rick Ebbinge

5 Kate Baldwin, Dion Tesselaar

6 Kuyt F Boko, Robin Bakker

7 Bentley As, Robin Bakker