Breeders Courseveterans, a rising star and good memories for Minucci

Kuyt F.Boko and Philosopher will be among the pre-favorites for the win at Breeders Course 3 years old 2020 Second Final.
And it's about two veterans in Breeder's Course context. Both Kuyt F.Boko and Philosopher make their third finals. Kuyt F.Boko won as a two-year-old, but galloped in the first final for three-year-old’s, Philosopher has had bad luck in both finals so far.
So really, both are looking for some restoration this time. Kuyt F.Boko drew a track (one) that was beneficial to many horses, but here is the risk that he will be trapped. Although it was precisely through a race with traction that he won his final. Philosopher was marvelous when he won his elimination race at Jägersro and trainer Sören Norberg predicted:
- He should be even better in the final.
The starting track between the two final veterans, we may find the horse that has developed the most in recent times; Önas Prince.
- This is dynamite, said trainer Per Nordström after the elimination win at Åby and suggested that it could be barefoot around the final and then he can then probably run under 1.11. And that's how he is registered – without shoes.
Since the five winners were drawn on the best tracks, we find two more top horses with good tracks. Bolero Gar was second in the first final, behind Hell Bent for Am. Now it was an easy eliminationvictory and the driver Jorma Kontio, with over 10,000 victories, needs no further presentation.
From Italy comes Boltigeur Erre, one of two horses from Alessandro Gocciadoro - the other is Boys Stecca. Boltigeur Erre will be driven by Giampaolo Minucci. The little Italian has fantastic memories of the Åberg evening at Jägersro. 18 years ago he won the big race Hugo Åbergs Memorial with Varenne.
Now he is back at Jägersro to take another victory on the magical evening.
Breeders Course 3 years old 2020 Second Final will be decided on Tuesday 28 July with SEK 700,000 for the winner.
Entries, 1640 meter
1 Kuyt F.Boko, Robin Bakker
2 Önas Prince, Per Nordström
3 Philosopher, Thomas Uhrberg
4 Bolero Gar, Jorma Kontio
5 Boltigeur Erre, Giampaolo Minucci
6 Armani Degato, Erik Adielsson
7 Billions, Adrian Kolgjini
8 Kate Baldwin, Kim Eriksson
9 Kilimanjaro, Rick Ebbinge
10 Boys Stecca, Alessandro Gocciadoro