Breeders Course concerns

Breeders Course concerns.

Dion Tesselar made a victory gesture when he won the Breeders Course final at Jägersro with Gio Cash. Half a length behind, Adrian Kolgjini slammed the whip into the sulky in anger after his Barack Face was only good enough for second place.

– I value this victory incredibly highly, Tesselaar said.

Gio Cash is something completely extra for horses. He took the lead in the final of the Breeders Course and then was first to the finish line.

– Everything is special about this horse, he is fast, he has the strength, it is a fantastic horse. It was hard over the homestretch but we won and that's the most important thing. It's a big victory for me, it's victories like this that you work seven days a week for, praised Dion Tesselaar after the meritorious win.

Gio Cash won the final in the Breeders Course for 2-year-olds, he was at Jägersro 3 weeks ago and won a elimination race and now he was the best in the final.

– It is for races and victories like this that we work every day. The money is not the most important thing in these races. That is the victory itself.

Dion Tesselaar stays just outside Wolvega in Holland, he himself drove his horses up to Jägersro and there will be no celebration.

- No, we let the horses breathe a bit, then we drive home during the night.

No celebration?

- No, there is no time for that. I have about 40 horses in training and they have to be trained even after a big win. But on Wednesday afternoon I'll probably get some sleep.

Barack Face and Adrian Kolgjini challenged all the way, but were half a length short when the finish line was crossed. And the racing man Kolgjini thus struck the whip in the sulky in anger when the finish line was crossed.

- Our horse did a fantastic race, father Lutfi said shortly after the race. If we had changed the starting track, we would have won.

The future of Barack Face?

- He has done these races to get some speed in his legs, he is probably even better over longer distances.