Björn Goop winner at Jägersro

A new Swedish record and 600,000 kronor in prizemoney in the career's second start.

Amelie Grif has had a flying start on her career since she has won the final in Breeders Course.

Amelie Grif was born in Italy, owned by Ronald Nooteboom in Holland and trained by Björn Goop in Sweden. She debuted in the Breeders Course elimination and in the final she was ready for victory.

– This was the maximum, said Björn Goop after the merit victory.

Amelie Grif came to Goop early this summer. She trained well and went early fast times, but then she started growing and had a shorter break.

– We had the ambition to start her as a two-year-old. Actually, this came a little early, but she took her first race in a good way, Goop continued.

In the final, Amelie Grif took care of the lead, was challenged and performed routinely when the favorite Eric the Eel galloped.

– It went very fast over the riots and then it's not easy to keep up the legs for these young horses. But mine was fine, Bjorn praised.

Probably this season's last start for Amelie Grif, although Björn left a small opening for any start to.

Behind Amelie Grif, Osama had a good finish as the second while the favorite Eric the Eel galloped in trying to get past the winner.