Björn Goop was impressed

Björn Goop has driven many fine horses, but he was still impressed since he won the first elimination race for the Breeders Course 2-year-olds at Åby. He won with Eminem Font, who with 1.15.3 became the fastest 2-year-old in Sweden so far this year.

– A strong and solid horse that was properly prepared, Björn said after the winning race.

The favorite Pure Steel galloped shortly after the start and then Björn sat calmly on the outside of the leader.

– When I understood that the worst opponent had galloped away, I ran a calm race on the outside.

Björn was also asked by Kristofer Jakobsson in Åby if he didn't know how old the horse was, what he should guess.

– Three years, answered Björn. And that shows how well prepared he was.

Eminem Font debuted in Italy with a victory and managed one more start in Italy before joining trainer Magnus Dahlén in mid-August. The father of Eminem Font is the Elitloppwinner Ringostarr Treb who started strongly in breeding and we can point to Herbie Peak with Joakim Lövgren who has already earned over SEK 400 000 in a few starts as a three-year-old.

Behind the winner, Svante Båth's Huron Bro and Anders Zackrisson's Fiddle Faddle took the other final places.

Remaining, eliminations

September 4: Jägersro

September 7: Solvalla


September 28: Jägersro