Big talents in Wolvega

Keep an eye on Gaya de Pervenche and Indigo River when Victoria Park, Wolvega, decides an Breeders Courseelimination for 2–year–olds Saturday September 22.

Gaya de Pervenche, trained by Dion Tesselaar, is a daughter of Bold Eagle, who debuted by winning 16.9 / 1900 meters. But it is other competitive horses, Indigo River, trained by Paul Hagoort, looked brilliant at his qualification where he noted 16.3 / 2100 meters. Now there was a gallop in the debut and here he is looking for revenge.

Both Gaya de Pervenche and Indigo River are reported to Breeders Course as well as Jo Jo Harley and Andromeda Font.

When Indigo Font galloped away, it was Arquana As who stepped forward and won the race in an impressive way, but he is not enrolled at Breeders Course and thus has no chance to qualify for the final at Jägersro where 600,000 kronor awaits the winner.

Entries, 1609 meter

1 Gaya de Pervenche, Dion Tesselaar

2 Indigo River, Robin Bakker

3 Jo Jo Harley, John de Leeuw

4 Andromeda Font, Danny Brouwer

5 Atlantic Wise L, Hugo Langeweg Jr

6 Jewel Star, Jaap van Rijn

7 My Love Zen, Rick Wester

8 Jari L Petnic, Frank Westerveld

9 Arquana As, Rick Ebbinge


10 October         Jägersro


27 October         Jägersro