Bengurion Jet first winner

Bengurion Jet and Marco Smorgon.
There you have the winner in the first elimination race for The Breeders Course 3 years old 2020 Second Final at Jägersro.
After a perfect tactically race of Smorgon, Bengurion Jet was just the best over the homestretch. And you should know that this is about a winner born to be a star, big sister Tessy d 'Ete has earned over six million SEK.
Bengurion Jet was driven to the lead in the first turn, challenged by favourite Boli You SM after a bit and had to drop the lead. Boli You SM then galloped and then Bengurion Jet got ahead freely and had no problems deciding. Boltigeur Erre (trained by Alessandro Gocciadoro) was driven smart by Giampaolo Minucci and thanked by sprinting to second place.
In Bengurion Jet and Boltigeur Erre you have the first two qualifying for the final at Jägersro on July 28.