Båth and Gocciadoro to the final

Svante Båth is successful in the young horse races, now his Ambrosius took place in the Breeders Course final at Jägersro after a third place in the first eliminationrace at Solvalla.

Won the attempt did Asteroid, but since it is a horse born in the US he is not eligible to start in the final, and when Italian Callisto is not registered to Breeders Course, the final places went to third Ambrosius and fourth Cash Maker (Alessando Gocciadoro).

Asteroid won the race from the lead and was praised by driver Björn Goop after the race:

- A very nice horse that runs very well. It is easy for him to run, but it is a pity that he is not allowed to be in the final, Björn Goop said.

Ambrosius probably did the best race of his career in the elimination. Followed in the back on the Asteroid and finished strong.

- He had a tough task, but we made some changes and it turned out well, Båth said.

Cash Maker followed well to a fourth place, but was never seen with a chance of winning.

The final will be decided on July 27 in connection with Hugo Åberg's Memorial, where a first prize of SEK 700,000 awaits the winner.

Remaining eliminations

July 1: Åby

July 3: Milano

July 4: Berlin

July 13: Jägersro


July 27: Jägersro