Barack Face a golden boy

Barack Face is the horse that we have chosen to highlight before the last elimination race for the three-year-old horses in Breeders Course.

It can be something really special.

– What kind of horse do we have, trainer Adrian Kolgjini wondered the day before the race at Åby. He just takes bigger and bigger steps.

Just as the name suggests, Barack Face was raised by the Kolgjini family, he was educated there and then sent to Lucas Wallin in the USA. He ran a couple of qualifiers, started twice but galloped in both starts.

– He started to grow, so we simply took him home.

Now he has made two starts and won both. In the last he trotted 13.8 and Adrian barely believed the time record.

– It doesn’t feel like it's going fast. He puts an incredible amount of ground under him and is definitely one of the absolute worst I have driven.

Before tonight's race in Åby, Adrian breathes optimism and confidence.

– It will be both fun and exciting. It's simply fun to sit up behind him.

Adrian of course thinks that Barack Face, with the gold-edged tribe Ready Cash – Lisa America, will take a place in the million final at Solvalla on May 29th.

– Of course there are many nice 3-year-olds, but I am confident with the one we have.

And you should know that Adrian compared Barack Face with the stable's former star Tae Kwon Deo.

Entries, 2140 meter 

1 Delight Kronos, Gustav Johansson/Jerry Riordan

2 Bismillah Face, Rick Ebbinge

3 Platinium, Kevin Oscarsson/Jerry Riordan

4 Barack Face, Adrian Kolgjini

5 Lollo Trot, Kim Eriksson/Raoul Engblom

6 Pure Attack, Anders Svanstedt

 The following horses are qualified for the final at Solvalla: Tetrick Wania, Show Your Guts, Urban Africa, Point of View, Pure Atlas, Jewilla, Dea Grif, Expelled, Diapason and Monastery Boko.

The final will be decided on Sunday 29 May with SEK one million for the winner.