Arquana As toughest

Arquana As had acquired toughness at Vincennes, it turned out to be a crucial detail in the Breeders Course elimination at Victoria Park, Wolvega.

Erwin Bot served her a dream race in the back of leading Frosted (USA-born and thus not entitled to start in Breeders Course Final). 600 meters from the finishline, Bot's star let go of attack and already into the last turn she had taken over the lead. Over the homestretch it was tan easy walk in the park and she went away at fine 14.4/2100 meters.

You probably remember that Bot has good experiences from the Breeders Course; he won a final 2015 with United Love

Andromeda Font also participated in the fast opening (10,3/500 meters), went down as third oat the rail and followed Arquana As but couldn't really get the last bit. Now the second place was taken by fast finishing Lambada Zon / Patrick de Haan, but when Lambada Zon is not registered for the Breeders Course she cannot take a final place.

Thus, the final selection for the final at Jägersro on July 30th is decided. Wednesday, July 24, the start list for the final is ready. 1 200 000 SEK is the prizemoney in the final.

You can se the race at Youtube:


Koers no 7.