Amelie Grif – again

Amelie Grif has the chance to win her second straight final in the Breeders Course.
At the elimination in Åby, she won after a strong finish - and it was a tactically masterpiece by Björn Goop.
- She has speed; lots of speed, Goop described her main characteristics.
Muscle Valky went on the lead and Amelie Grif got to sneak in, but when Amelie Grif - owned by Ronald Nooteboom in Holland, had to attack she was outstanding.
- She was a little ambitious in the first part of the race, maybe because it was a while since she started.
For both Amelie Grif and Muscle Valky (Erik Adielsson/Svante Båth), the final – with one million in first prize – at Solvalla during Elitloppsweekend is waiting.
- We were a little hungry for it, so we hope she will do a good job there too, Goop said.
Eliminations left
Solvalla 30th April
Wolvega 10th May
Solvalla 14th May
Jägersro 15th May
Solvalla 26th May