A star with a misleading name

A future star with a misleading name.
San Moteur is still undefeated after four starts and he clearly showed that he is a future star.Björn Goop sent his three-year-old directly to the lead, had to set the pace a bit and when he then pulled on around the final turn, the tempo being down around 1.07, only Fabulous Pellini could follow. Now San Moteur was never in any danger, there were a lot of power left all the way home.
San Moteur, French for no engine, has really been given the "wrong" name. Because San Moteur really has an engine, looks like a primordial force on the track and is probably one of the top three-year-old horses in Sweden. The name San Moteur is of course named after his father Panne de Moteur (broken engine freely translated) who was a star of Stefan Hultman.
For Breeders Course, it is a series for 2-year-olds witch coming up – where the first elimination will be decided at Åby on the second of September.