A small trainer with a great horse

There is pacerblood in the family, a solid body that will probably get stronger for next season and an overjoyed trainer.

Betting Pacer won the Breeders Course Bonus Race at Solvalla and trainer Niklas Robertsson, with Kalmar as his home course, danced with happiness after the win worth SEK 125 000.

– It is an incredibly beautiful horse and I really think that another winter's training will do her good, she is not finished yet. So the really big things I think can happen next year.

Betting Pacer (Maharajah – Peignor) danced to the lead, was ordered by driver Björn Goop to slow down in the middle of the race, and just ran away in a quick finish.

– It was almost directed. When I saw the start list, that we had track two, Björn Goop would drive and only seven horses in the race, I first wondered what could go wrong.

But nothing went wrong. The small Kalmartrainer got a big victory worth SEK 125,000 and Robertsson is looking forward to the 4-year season for his star.

– It can be a start again this year, there is a race for 3-year-old mares. Otherwise, we will start preparing for next season.

And that means in plain text training in the new hill and sandcourse.

- Perfect for building a strong horse.

It is heard from Niklas Robertsson that he has something good going on.

And you have not missed that there is still a chance to register your horse born in 2019 to Breeders Course.

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