A new world record in Breeders Coursefinal

A new world record and Bold Eagle have won his first big winner in Swedish as a father.

It was great sport when Aetos Kronos won the millionfinal of the Breeders Course at Solvalla.

– Johan Untersteiner just predicted this. That two good horses would duel and that we could enter the race late, trainer Jerry Riordan said.

It was the two pre-favorites Upset Face (Lutfi Kolgjini) and Axl Rose (Alessandro Gocciadoro) who opened the race tough. Kolgjini defended the front at all costs because his horse didn't like splashing. Gocciadoro had great faith in his horse. Untersteiner queued with Aetos Kronos.

When Gocciadoro increased the pace on the last longside, the field split, but Aetos Kronos had lots of energy saved and already in the middle of the homestretch the victory was clear.

– I knew I had a strong horse that always does its best. Now it was of course near gallop sometime, but it went well.

Aetos Kronos is a son of Bold Eagle who has thus gained his first big winner in Sweden. Aetos Kronos was third in Svensk Uppfödningslöpning last year and make a strong debut on the outside of Upset Face this year. When it came to so much money as a million, Riordan chanced with the balance and snatched all four shoes.

The time 1.11.9 is thus a new world record and then you should know that it rained a lot on Solvalla and the track was far from fast.

Behind Aetos Kronos, Acciaio replied for a strong effort for Örjan Kihlström, Axl Rose strongly held the third place while Upset Face finished four in the best final ever in the Breeders Course.

The new world record is for 3-year-old stallions and geldings over 2140 meters.