A new season is coming up – start i Milan

Arden Wise As, Adelante and Axl Rose.

There you have the most interesting trio in this year's first elimination in the Breeders Course. It is about elimination in Italian Milan that gathered nine horses behind the gate and the first two Breeders Course horses qualify for the million-finals at Solvalla.

Axl Rose has started his career with five victories in six trials; it has Swedish connections through the breeder Johan Sjöstrand, and is trained by Alessandro Gocciadoro. Axl Rose (Love You – Linda de Casei) looked brilliant in a sharper job last week and everything works well with the horse coming with five straight wins. "Pippo" Gubellini's Arden Wise As (Ready Cash-Garden Variety) is also trained by Gocciadoro, started with two straight gallops before he stabilized and won two straight wins. The third horse that stands out is Adelante (Ready Cash-Iniziale), which is unbeaten except two gallops.

Entries, 2250 meters

1 Aleandro ZS, Andrea Farfoli

2 Arden Wise As, Pietro Gubellini

3 Aramis I, Roberto Vecchione

4 Adelante, Marco Smorgon

5 Ares Caf, Andrea Guzzinati

6 A Sexy Girl Couple, Vincenzo Piscuoglio dell’Annunziata

7 Axl Rose, Alessandro Gocciadoro

8 Amancio, Enrico Bellei

9 Anita Roc, Filippo Rocca 


Milan 12th April

Åby 27th April

Solvalla April 30th

Wolvega 10th May

Solvalla 14th May

Jägersro 15th May


Solvalla 26th May