A legendary horseman in the Breeders Course final

In 1953 he won his first race. It was in monté and then Jean Pierre Dubois was thirteen years old. On Wednesday September 29, 81 years young, he will try to win Breeders Course 2 years old 2021 at Jägersro as an owner.

During his 68-year long career, he has won everything that can be won, has been a pioneer in breeding and thus also a successful breeder.

Now he has qualified two of his talents for the finals in Breeders Course. Initially, it was thought that he would drive Look of Love DE himself, but the prevailing situation made him choose to stay at home and leave the reins to Wim Paal. Jean Pierre Dubois has also qualified Point of View as Jaap van Rijn drives.

– It is clear that we at Breeders Course are happy that he has discovered our fine series for young horses around Europe, Magnus Rundgren, CEO of Breeders Course says. The fact that someone like Jean Pierre Dubois has two horses in the final also resonates in France.

Jean Pierre seriously entered trotting as a 15-year-old when he started working as an apprentice, two years later he started driving sulkyraces and as an 18-year-old he started his own business in Echauffour - a small village in Normandy not far from Argentan.

Actually, everything after that is history. The family had a successful collaboration with the horse owner Daniel Wildenstein for many years, Jean Pierre has won the Prix d’Amerique and was in the background when his son Jean Etienne won both the Elitloppet and the Prix d’Amerique with Coktail Jet.

What may not be as well known is that Jean Pierre and the Dubois family - along with thw swede Roger Grundin - had Varenne from the beginning of his career.

Jean-Pierre Dubois was also a pioneer in breeding. He was early to cross the American and French blood. He lived for a time in Canada (Quebec) and in recent years has also been interested in thoroughbred.

But it is still the trotting sport that is closest to his heart. The two talents who qualified for the Breeders Course final both have Ready Cash as a father. And it was the 81-year-old Jean-Pierre who took care of the reins at the elimination race in Wolvega.

Does anyone remember when he last drove in Sweden?

It was the late summer of 2013 when he won Ahlsell Legends with Jeppa's Hugo, trained by Torbjörn Jansson.

Now he is chasing SEK 600 000 at Jägersro, but he has to beat out the disadvantage.

Of the eliminations it is Gio Cash (Dion Tesselaar) and Hepburn (Adrian Kolgjini) who impressed the most.

Entries 1640 meters

1 Jazzy Dancer, Erik Adielsson

2 Urban Africa, Dante Kolgjini 

3 Gio Cash, Dion Tesselaar 

4 Hepburn, Adrian Kolgjini

5 Point of View, Jaap van Rijn 

6 Bellissimo Face, Lutfi Kolgjini 

7 Lollo Trot, Petter Engblom

8 Jack J.E, Dwight Pieters 

9 Dontfearthejudge, Kevin Oscarsson 

10 Thai Mississippi, Nicklas Korfitsen 

11 Hurlyburly, Ken Ecce

12 Look of Love D.E. Wim Paal