A late call for a nice horse

It started with a phone call late one night to Conrad Lugauer, trainer at Jägersro.

He was confronted with facts:

- Hi, I have bought a horse and want you to train it.

It was Christian Lindqvist, a previous customer at Lugauer, who had traded at an Internet auction. The young horse cost 1.6 million SEK, his namn is Manual Flight and starts on Thursday at Åby in the eliminationrace for Breeders Course 3-years old 2021 Second final.

Manual Flight started his career with Solvallatrainer Svante Båth, won his first two starts before he was sold. At Lugauer, he started with a third place in the big race Svampen before he finished sixth in the eliminationrace for ”Svensk Uppfödningslöpning”, but then had no luck in the final.

Then Manual Flight went into winter training and the start on Thursday is also the year debut for the talented horse.

- It's about a wonderful individual who will be really good as a 3- and 4-year-old. He is big and as a 2-year-old did not have all the muscles, Conrad Lugauer explains.

A winter's tough training has developed Manual Flight, but it is also required when we see an even and exciting race in Åby where only Southern Mazzarati (born in the USA) and Correct W F are outside Breeders Course.

We note Amazing Hazel who is a talented son of Raja Mirchi, he debuts over the short distance but has shown high capacity. Lillianne's Love was in the first final for the three-year-olds, but then galloped early. As we see, an open elimination.

The day before, on Wednesday, the elimination will be decided in Turin, Italy. Six horses to start, but only Alessandro Gocciadoro's Cobra is registered for Breeders Course.

Entries, Åby, 1640 meter 

1 Amazing Hazel, Johan Untersteiner

2 A Perfect Face, Adrian Kolgjini

3 Lilliannes Love, Carl Johan Jepson

4 Southern Mazzarati, Per Oleg Midtfjeld

5 Manual Flight, Conrad Lugauer

6 Correct W.F., Robert Bergh

7 Lucifer Boko, Christian Sejer

Entries, Turin, 1600 meter

1 Cobra, Alessandro Gocciadoro

2 Cambogia, Massimiliano Castaldo

3 Cardenas Baba, Pietro Gubellini

4 Ciel Joyeuse, Andrea Guzzinati

5 Capitan Harlock, Andrea Farolfi

6 Charleston Bar, Santo Mollo

The final will be decided on July 27 in connection with Hugo Åberg's Memorial, where a first prize of SEK 700,000 awaits the winner.

Remaining eliminations

July 4: Berlin

July 13: Jägersro


July 27: Jägersro