A high–class final at Jägersro

It’s time for the season's last Breeders Coursefinal. It’s the two-year-old horses who make up a total prize of SEK 1,200,000 on Jägersro's coming Saturday.

And the finals look both high class and open.

Perhaps the winner is among the final three elimination winners.

# Eric the Eel is undefeated after four starts (two in Italy and two in Denmark). He has impressed greatly and is trained by amateur Jeanette Hansen.

# Osoma won the attempt at Jägersro, showed an incredible speed and the driver Peter Ingves realized immediately that after driving several Breeders Course Finals he was now behind a horse with a good chance to win.

# Uruguay Broline is trained by Svante Båth and only it’s a quality sign when it comes to young talents. As late as Saturday, his Global Adventure won the Swedish race "Svampen" and now he can take a new - and even more valuable – title.

Behind the three, there are plenty of talented challengers.

Björn Goops Amelie Grif debuted at 14.4.

Eastboundanddown, trained by the successful Danish amateur Peter Rudbeck, has never been worse than the second.

Hill of Fame F, with the legendary Johnny Takter in the wagon, has shown 14 times in his last three starts.

It is simply set for a high-class final at Jägersro.


1 Osoma, Peter Ingves

2 Uruguay Broline, Erik Adielsson

3 Eric the Eel, Rene Kjær

4 Hill of Fame F, Johnny Takter

5 Amelie Grif, Björn Goop

6 Joan C Boko, Kim Eriksson

7 Eastboundanddown, Birger Jörgensen

8 Bear With Blaze, Jörgen Lorentzen

9 Goofy Sisu, Per Nordström