A fantastic race at Jägersro

A fantastic race!

The fourth elimination race for Breeders Course 3-year-old, second final settled on Jägersro July 16th, seems to be a really great story.

Seven horses behind the gate over hot 1640 meters and it's all about top horses.

Upset Face we remember from the first final for the three-year-old horses where Lutfi Kolgjini dueled the big favorite Axl Rose in a violent pace. It ended with a fourth place for a brave Upset Face while the win went to Aetos Kronos. Ubiquarian Face is the second horse from Adrian Kolgjini's increasingly successful stable; most recently it became a fifth place in the E3 final as Aetos Kronos won.

We also find Danish-born Eric the Eel in the start list. Eric the Eel is now making his third start for his new trainer Johan Untersteiner. Eric the Eel has always had a good reputation, but has not had the right tour in the big races. He galloped as a favorite in Breeders Course finals for 2-year-olds this autumn (had been worst third without the gallop) and also galloped in the E3 elimination recently.

Roller Coaster Ås was Breeders Crown–third last year, just beaten by Trix On Line and Ubiquarian Face.

Hill of Fame F and Booze are two good horses from the hometrack, both of which have the chance to qualify for the finals during Åbergskvällen, the last Tuesday in July, where SEK 600,000 awaits the winner.


1 Trix On Line, Roger Malmqvist

2 Hill of Fame F, Tobias O Eriksson

3 Eric the Eel, Johan Untersteiner

4 Upset Face, Lutfi Collar

5 Roller Coaster Ås, Peter Untersteiner

6 Ubiquarian Face, Adrian Kolgjini

7 Booze, Christoffer Eriksson