A big victory for Fredrik Linder

What a comeback. Fredrik Linder ended up as a trainer, but has resumed his business and presented his first big winner in career part two when Zeus Bi won the final of Breeders Course.

– It's cool, was his first comment. I really don’t know what to say.

Fredrik Linder belonged to the promising trainers in Sweden, as the son of the profile Björn "Skräcken" Linder he was weel known. But Fredrik was not happy with the result and jumped off. Worked as a chef, baker and chiropractor before meeting his current partner - and then it became horses again.

– I'm so grateful that I got the trust of Anders Ström [you know the man behind Unibet] and stall Courant to take care of this horse.

Zeus Bi only made its fifth performance, has been developed for each start and the driver Erik Adielsson had only the praise to come.

– Fredrik has done a perfect job with the horse. It has been developed for each start. If we go back for a couple of weeks, he was a bit big and not in this shape. For each start, Fredrik has made some fixes and now he was really good and did not have to apologize for his victory.

The final was really ripped off. The favorite Zelig Kronos pushed to the wire in a hard opening, Zeus Bi came from the back.

Suddenly, Fredrik Linder's career continues, thanks to an Italian-born three-year-old who earned 600,000 kronor in the final of Breeders Course.