50 years of experience

Sören Norberg, the Jägersrotrainer, turned 72 in January and has now had a professional trainer license for just over 50 (!) years.
– It might be time to leave then, he says, but regrets immediately and adds:
– No, as long as I can manage, I'll keep on with the horses. I can't handle being free.
On Saturday he starts A Good Point in the eliminationrace for Breeders Course at Åby. And Sören has a really good horse:
– Well, a little has been learned over the years ...
Gunga, Glennie Bilto, Dan Holmbo, Junior Lobell, Brooklet Valley - the list of successful 2-year-olds can be made long.
He himself holds horses like Gunga and Glennie Bilto (born 1980) as the best so far, but this year's 3-year-olds is not far behind. He has also taken the talents to the extreme, international, level.
The secret to almost 50 years of young horse success?
- There's no secret. We [assistent trainer Viktoria Eriksson also] spend an incredible amount of time on the horses. We work with them seven days a week. They have many miles in their legs, they are just like a top athlete.
On Saturday, A Good Point, from a good position behind the gate, has a final place is within easy reach.
– A Good Point is really quick behind the gate, he has learned that it is not dangerous now. Although you never know when it comes to young horses, they develop so quickly.
In his last start, A Good Point galloped shortly after start but then showed good form in a race that Revelation, the winner of the Svensk Uppfödningslöpning, won.
- That gallop took Kevin [ driver Kevin Oscarsson] on, he wanted a little bit too much.
A little curious in this context is that Elissa FZ, grandmother of A Good Point, is a success in breeding and is a mare that Sören brought home from Italy. And she is still very active, both as a mother (including Fascination) and as a grandmother.
– I saved up for her when I was in Italy and she is a real elitemare.
Another little curious detail is that Sören Norberg was active as a professional trainer for 25 years when Kevin Oscarsson, driver at A Good Point, was born.
Then of course we can't talk to Sören Norberg without hearing what the next star is called?
- I don't have so many 2-year-olds, but the ones I have follow our training schedule and may be a little ahead.
The name?
– I can mention Andover Heaven (Andover Hall – Fascination). She can be something extra. I hope she can be in a qualificationrace for the summer.
And of course, Andover Heaven is registered for the Breeders Course.
Entries Åby, 2140 meters
1 Mr Mah Can, Robert Bergh
2 Toto Barosso, Peter Untersteiner
3 Kate Baldwin, Kim Eriksson
4 Hopeusteponalego, Örjan Kihlström
5 A Good Point, Kevin Oscarsson
6 Balsamine Font, Björn Goop.
Remaining eliminations
Åby 9/5.
Jägersro 13/5.
Solvalla 13/5.
Three first Breeders Coursehorses from each elimination are qualified for the final. But note: Should Holland open for trotting sports in May and Wolvega get permission to compete on May 15, there will be five eliminations and thus the two first Breeders Coursehorses from each elimination as well as two threes that qualify for the final. Distance in all eliminations and the final are 2140 meters.