Posted: 2016-05-17

Time to pay the final fee/Dags att betala den sista insatsen

Are you planning on entering your 2 –or 3-year-old in Breeders Courses races? Then this is the time to pay the final fee. The invoices are out so if you want a piece of the action, don’t forget your payment. After that all you need to do is sign up for start.


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Yearling Sales 2015

Breeders Course interacts with a number of important sales at which all yearlings are eligible to the race series for 2- and 3-years-old horses.

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The secret of breeding

Posted: 2015-02-12 by Tristan Sjöberg
Successful breeding is a mixture of art and science with a healthy dose of chance thrown in for good measure!

Basic idea

The number of new born standardbred foals is decreasing rapidly in all European countries except for France. Breeders Course has been inaugurated in order to turn the negative trend.

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